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Cog Summons. Pink slip (reward) Cartoonival bags. Pie purchases. Spellbound bags. Red nose..

Franz Neckvein is an NPC mouse who works at The Punch Line Gym on Punchline Place, Toontown Central. Main article: ToonTask:Gag training (Toontown Central) Toons can visit him, Librarian Larry, or Honey Haha to choose to train for Toon-Up or Sound. Franz Neckvein is also an SOS Toon. He is known for his 4-Star Drop SOS. When called, he will use Grand Pianos that do 100 damage to all Cogs. If ...Clerk Penny is an NPC duck Toon. She works with Clerk Lenny at Goofy's Gag Shop located in The Brrrgh. Clerk Penny is a four-star Trap SOS Toon. She uses Trapdoors that deal 120 damage to all lured Cogs.

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Soggy Nell is a Toon NPC Dog and a shopkeeper toon who owns Melted Ice Cubes on Walrus Way, in The Brrrgh. Soggy Nell is also an SOS Toon. She is a 4-star Toons Hit. When called upon, she will use Pixie Dust on all toons in battle and guarantees them the ability to hit cogs, no matter what accuracy the Gag is. Toons Hit lasts 1 round. All SOS Toons Hit start with the letter "S ...The Safe is a gag that toons use to fight the Chief Financial Officer at the Cashbot Vault. The battle round against the CFO takes place in a octagon room with four podiums for operating magnet cranes, and two safes are placed alongside each one of the podiums. The toons then need to lift goons using the magnets and throw them at the CFO, in order to injure him. Every several hits, the CFO ...Des Traction is a Toon NPC duck. He is a no-star Lure field office SOS Toon. When called upon, he will use a Small Magnet to lure the Cogs in battle. His name is a pun on distraction, only minoring a difference on the first vowel and a space after the s. Template:SosToonlisting

1 Toon Species Election Pins. 2 Staff-exclusive Pins. 2.1 2013 Staff Pin. 3 References.Toons [] Main article: Toon The battle menu. Toons can do various performances to defeat the Cogs. They are able to use different Gags, allowing them to earn skill points for that Gag's Gag track, summon doodles and SOS Toons, or run away from battle with the use of the portable hole.Toons can choose to pass during a round. Toons may also use the ability to fire Cogs out of battle with the use ...Toons Hit. Toons Hit SOS Card Toons teleport to the Toon and sprinkle pixie dust on the Toon(s) in battle. Depending on the SOS Card's number of rounds, Toon's gags will always successfully land on, or lure Cogs in battle, or, Toon-Up will always land successfully on Toons. There are 3 types of Toons Hit SOS Cards:SOS Toons are Toons caged in Sellbot Towers in the Vice President battle. After defeating the Vice President, the caged Toon will give two identical SOS cards, which can be used to call the NPC into a Cog battle. Each SOS Toon has a different ability. SOS Toons operate similarly to using a Gag in battle. When an SOS Toon is called into battle, they will perform their ability. Just like Gags ...

Sticky Lou is a Mouse NPC and a shopkeeper toon residing in Blue Glue (Direct 2 You) on Loopy Lane in Toontown Central. Sticky Lou is also an NPC that you might have to rescue in the Sellbot VP Battle (Therefore, he is a SOS Toon). Completing the battle and rescuing him will give you his SOS Card, which is a 4-star Toons Hit SOS. Visit Sticky Lou (Blue Glue Direct 2 You, Loopy Lane) Recover ... Supasoka San is a mouse NPC Toon. She works and lives in the Laughter Noon Tea House on Silly Street in Toontown Central. Supasoka San is an SOS Toon and Gag Trainer using Squirt Gags, and is part of a ToonTask line for Honey Haha, rewarding a +2 Laff Boost. Supasoka San is a pink Mouse wearing a cream colored yukata with a floral pattern. She also has an oriental styled hair accessory at the ... ….

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Feb 6, 2022 · Battles • Sped-up the animations of Restock, Toons Hit, and Cogs Miss SOS cards. • In the SOS card menu, there is now an option to filter by "Other" for certain types of cards. • The rounds left indicator for Lure Gags is now more consistent with other round-based status effects. SOS Toons; Toons Unite! Cog summons; Pink slips; Goons; in: Toons. Toontasks. Sign in to edit View history Talk (0) Toontasks are missions that can be turned in to gain a certain reward, such as Laff/HP and sometimes even a certain Laff Boost. Categories Categories: Toons ...Cold Caller/Gallery. Corporate Raider/Gallery. Cutthroat Trout/Gallery. D. Daisy Gardens/Gallery. Darren Chang/Gallery. Devil Ray/Gallery. Diane Lu/Gallery. Disney's Toontown Online/Gallery.

Category:Sound SOS toons. T. Category:Toon-Up SOS toons. Toons Always Hit. Category:Trap SOS toons. Categories. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.What are YOUR favorite SOS cards? Let me know! And If I left anything out in the video, feel free to leave a comment! But keep an eye out for cogs in the .Be...

great clips coupon may 2023 Madam Chuckle is a NPC cat Toon. She is the shopkeeper of the Tee-Hee Tea Shop, which is located on Silly Street in Toontown Central. Madam Chuckle is a three-star Toon-Up SOS Toon. She uses a Megaphone that heals +60 laff points to one Toon, +30 laff points to two Toons, +20 laff points to three Toons, and +15 laff points to four Toons.U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrives at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday Oct. 12, 2023. President Joe Biden is dispatching his top diplomat to Israel on an urgent mission ... paris nails mt sterling kyarduino string concat Now this may be my best toontown video ever madeI was inspired by FlyingKitty to make this of this was done wit... uvm patient portal Soggy Nell is an NPC Toon who owns Melted Ice Cubes on Walrus Way in The Brrrgh. Soggy Nell is also an SOS Toon. She is a four-star Toons Always Hit SOS. When called upon, she will use Pixie Dust on all Toons in battle and guarantees them the ability to hit Cogs, no matter what accuracy the Gag has, for one round.• Toons Always Hit SOS Cards have been replaced with Toon Accuracy Up SOS Cards, which apply a 75% Accuracy Up Status Effect, and cap at the standard 95% maximum accuracy. This effect now only applies to Toons that were in the battle when it was used, but lasts a round longer than it used to on each tier. lynch green obituariesnew bedford funeral homesboyd county court docket Calling a Doodle in Battle. Just like SOS toons, doodles can also be summoned in a battle to help heal participating toons. A toon can call their doodle by selecting the suitcase button to the right of the gag choice menu then select the doodle tab. Now a toon can choose which trick they want their doodle to perform in battle.Greeners/Greening/Being Greened/Green - Term used to describe a troll who's purposely making the VP hard for others (Not Ubers or Anti-Ubers). Ubers - Term used to describe a Toon with high gags for their Laff. For example, if a Toon has maxed sound, throw and squirt with 25 laff, that is an Uber. Anti-Ubers - Opposite of Ubers. 24 grams to teaspoons An SOS Toon is an NPC Toon who possesses a unique ability and can be called for assistance at any given moment during a Cog battle. This category lists all NPCs that are SOS Toons. ocean temperature virginia beachcharles schwab humana logincraigslist jobs portland or Toon Accessories are cosmetic items that can be purchased from Clarabelle's Cattlelog.They are hats, glasses, shoes, and backpacks that can be worn by toons.The amount of jellybeans you may spend to buy an accessory is 250 to 10,000 jellybeans. Like clothing items, accessories take an hour to arrive. Every two months, starting from July, …